Thursday, January 6, 2011

Feeling a little more New York everyday.

Everyone in New York has a huge bag. I was so excited when I found this great black bag at Marshalls that I could fit everything but the kitchen sink in it for $25. I was still pretty pleased with my bag when I got on the subway (still a little bmore in me) and saw everyone else had some amazing name brand satchel that put my poor bag to shame. I wondered when I would finally give in and buy some luxury bag to carry my lunch and laptop in. But I newver felt more like a New Yorker until I went to the grocery store and saw it from the corner of my eye.....a Mini red cart. I had to get it. I felt like I was carrying the “Official New Yorker” badge as I walked down the street pulling the cart with my groceries in one hand and my phone in the other..

I love my mini cart! Now I kinda feel like I need to bling it out with a rhinestone handle or something….lol. Maybe just some cute light up wheels will do.

I must apologize to my momma because I really use to clown her about the big “old lady cart” (as I affectionately use to call it). It is definitely a staple item in the "New York Life Survival Guide". I have never seen so many carts before now and I had even refused to get one. I do think my mini cart is tres chic compared to the great big one, but I will no longer laugh at them.


  1. I HATE THOSE CARTS....I broke down and bought one too! Mine is big and blue. Such a necessity in NYC!

  2. Im sooo glad u bought one! Now u can take your laundry to the laundromat in "style" instead of using your suitcase...smh

  3. OMG So did you really have to put me out there like that,LMAO!!!!........but you are right :)