Friday, March 11, 2011

Friend Friday: Work, Life, Balance

Image courtesy of Coach Terri

I'm not an official member of the Friend Friday project (YET) but I have definitely enjoyed the last couple of Friend Friday posts. Enjoyed it so much I wanted to participate. I decided to respond to Gorgeous in Grey by posting my answers in a blog.

When it comes to prioritizing your life, in what place does blogging fall? Since moving to New York my day to day life is still in the adjustment phase so I am definitely in search of my Work, Life, Balance. My priorities seem to change on a day to day basis but they are all focused on survival. I would love for blogging to be number one but I'm not quite there yet. It is something that I now I atleast think about everyday and make a contious effort to work on. As a beginner blogger it has definitely surprised me how much I enjoy blogging and so it is has moved from the bottom of the list to somewhere in the top 10.

Have you discovered any short-cuts that makes blogging easier or more time efficient? I have started to write about things that I have experienced or would like to know more about. So I do research for myself and then share what I have learned or experienced in my blog. Like my BFF Gorgeous in Grey I also like to blog surf but typically get way to caught up reading other blogs. :) Then I run out of time to work on my own I'm still a work in progress..

Do you have an editorial calendar or something similar that help you plan ahead? I don’t have an editorial calendar, yet but I do see the need for one. I have missed a few things in the past few months that I would have loved to write about so I think a calendar will be quite helpful so I don't forget about up coming events or projects.
We all wish we had more free time to dedicate to blogging and all it entails. What are your tricks for taking advantage of the time you do have to be as productive as possible? Since I am still in the discovery period of my blog I don't think I am as productive as I could be. I definitely over think some things and wait to long to write about other things. I definitely plan to set goal for myself each week and have my blogging buddies help keep me accountable. I plan to take a moment to work on my post while I am still in the moment and everything is still fresh.

If time wasn’t an issue what would you be doing on your blog or for your blog that you aren’t doing now? If I had more time I would do more product reviews and instructional videos. I'm still a little camera shy but I think I could be more detailed in my reviews and instructions. I love my twitter friend @JenJamesBeauty's video set up and hope to one day have one just like it.  I would also do contest and giveaways via you tube. I enjoy the excitement of a contest and the opportunity to giveaway cool stuff.

So since it was asked of me I ask the same to you –" How do you find balance in your life? Whether you are a blogger, a mommy, an entertainer … I wanna know what keeps you sane!"

So if you are interested in Friend Friday, Grit and Glamour has all the rules on how to participate. I am going to see if this baby blogger can keep up with the big dawgs and join in on the Fashion, Beauty, Friend Friday fun started by Modly Chic.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fall/Winter 2011 New York Fashion Week: Boy Meets Girl Runway

So thanks to wireimage I actually get to see all the stuff the I missed when I was back stage.

Natasha Bedingfield opend for the show

Her guitarist was extremely talented and very hansome and charming.

What a really great show!!! What do you think??

Fall/Winter 2011 New York Fashion Week: Boy Meets Girl Backstage

My first show at the Metropolitan Pavillion this year and the opening show for Style 360 was Boy Meets Girl.

I just read this great post from one of my favorite blog sites and it talked about the online casting done by Boy Meets Girl. This is a video of one of the models:

"For this latest runway casting call, models will need to upload a video of their catwalk skills, along with photos, measurements, and a short blurb about themselves and their modeling experience."

Check out for more on this hot new casting trend.

The Makeup For Ever Team Lead by James Vincent was ready to make magic happen. Here are some behind the seen shots:

Lead Makeup Artist James Vincent prepping his model for demo.

He's explains as he goes.

Loves for us to not only see where he is going but feel it too.

They did a run through in the middle of the demo. So while we waited...

James joked around a bit...ha ha ha

and I got to catch with Kat Aragon, who it felt like I hadnt seen in years :)

Now for her finished makeup look and off to hair (I thought it was done til I saw her

Amazing bone structure, no wonder she was cast from her online video.

My model before, I think if I remember right she was 15.

I told her she could smile in the "before" Its not like those ads where they are sad before and then happy

Here is Wendy examining her work, she is a perfectionist,which is why she is so great at what she does.

I think she was caught off guard. So many camera's back stage.

very subtle smoky with browns and taupes.

Finished models waiting for the show to begin.

So the fun part is over and now its time for the post :)

Style 360 New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011

The next few shows I did were part of a group of shows put on by Elle Magazine/Style 360 and presented by Polaroid sunglasses. They also had many sponsors like BMW, Absolute White Tea, Trident Vitality, Java Monster, Make Up For Ever, Babyliss, and the New York Post to name a few.

"These shows are where independent designers, creative brands, and emerging developments in fashion converge on the runway to provide a looking glass into the future of style. Inspiring devotion from the media, celebrities, industry insiders and tried-and-true trendsetters, STYLE360 sets the stage for the evolution of culture."quotes from the Elle blog.

They were held at The Metropolitan Pavilion which we all may be familiar with because The Makeup Show New York happens there every year. The venue is quite fabulous and has a variety of events from fashion shows to large conventions or sample sales to elaborate dinner parties. It proved to be the perfect setting for these shows.

Here are a few pics of the set up:

Great runway and seating.

One of the step and repeats.

I really liked this gum.

massage station

oxygen bar

pick up an elle magazine

the Make Up For Ever station was super cute

I loved the set up.

And the Polaroid eye wear station
And last but not least in the far corner was a cute little bar :)

This was quite tasty :)

Fall/Winter 2011 New York Fashion Week: Callula Lillibelle

So my next show was a presentation The Box at Lincoln Center. I actually worked on this show last season too. I really got a chance to see the clothes this year and loved almost everything.

Here are a few of my images mixed in with a few from wireimage:

loved this! I'm starting to get in to fonts, I think they say a lot.

my first model done :) It got really busy so I didn't take any more pictures.

It took me a while to recognize my model after she was dressed because almost everyone had these super fabulous bands.

The red heads all worked it out. I love the glasses :)

And how cute is this dress with the little gloves :)

This is one of those jackets you must see up close. The fabric was amazing.

This was my model from the Suzanne Rae show. She is so pretty and super cute in this skirt.

It took a while but I finally figured out which one was my model. She looks so different with the bangs. I love this suit.

These leggings would never look this good on me but they areone of my favs.

I've always loved textured tights, they can dress up anything.

So my favorite item (which I don't own many at all) is a jacket or coat. This retro style red is hot.
And then to see this. I love this fabric.

And last but not least!!! :) I think this was my favorite but now as I'm typing I'm changing my I really like them all.

The presentation set up was very chic.

Be sure to check out there website They also shot their lookbook and the pics for the website during the show.