Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fall/Winter 2011 New York Fashion Week: Callula Lillibelle

So my next show was a presentation The Box at Lincoln Center. I actually worked on this show last season too. I really got a chance to see the clothes this year and loved almost everything.

Here are a few of my images mixed in with a few from wireimage:

loved this! I'm starting to get in to fonts, I think they say a lot.

my first model done :) It got really busy so I didn't take any more pictures.

It took me a while to recognize my model after she was dressed because almost everyone had these super fabulous bands.

The red heads all worked it out. I love the glasses :)

And how cute is this dress with the little gloves :)

This is one of those jackets you must see up close. The fabric was amazing.

This was my model from the Suzanne Rae show. She is so pretty and super cute in this skirt.

It took a while but I finally figured out which one was my model. She looks so different with the bangs. I love this suit.

These leggings would never look this good on me but they areone of my favs.

I've always loved textured tights, they can dress up anything.

So my favorite item (which I don't own many at all) is a jacket or coat. This retro style red is hot.
And then to see this. I love this fabric.

And last but not least!!! :) I think this was my favorite but now as I'm typing I'm changing my I really like them all.

The presentation set up was very chic.

Be sure to check out there website They also shot their lookbook and the pics for the website during the show.

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