The Blog

After all my wonderful life experiences, my army days, and government work I have some how found myself in this amazing place of starting all over. I have recently moved to New York to pursue my passion for makeup. So like Jennifer Hudson in the "Sex in the City" movie I too have moved to New York for Love.

During the process of getting to this new place I would have loved to know someone else was thinking the same or feeling the same as I. So I am going to share the little I know and what I learn along the way in hopes to encourage, inspired, and motivate anyone who reads. Plus this is so much easier than writing letters to everyone letting them know whats new :)

This blog will be about me and my adventures in the city of New York, the things that fascinate and excite me, events or places I go and of course anything MAKEUP.

Thanks so much for checking it out, I hope you enjoy.

Bethany :)