Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fall/Winter 2011 New York Fashion Week: Boy Meets Girl Backstage

My first show at the Metropolitan Pavillion this year and the opening show for Style 360 was Boy Meets Girl.

I just read this great post from one of my favorite blog sites and it talked about the online casting done by Boy Meets Girl. This is a video of one of the models:

"For this latest runway casting call, models will need to upload a video of their catwalk skills, along with photos, measurements, and a short blurb about themselves and their modeling experience."

Check out for more on this hot new casting trend.

The Makeup For Ever Team Lead by James Vincent was ready to make magic happen. Here are some behind the seen shots:

Lead Makeup Artist James Vincent prepping his model for demo.

He's explains as he goes.

Loves for us to not only see where he is going but feel it too.

They did a run through in the middle of the demo. So while we waited...

James joked around a bit...ha ha ha

and I got to catch with Kat Aragon, who it felt like I hadnt seen in years :)

Now for her finished makeup look and off to hair (I thought it was done til I saw her

Amazing bone structure, no wonder she was cast from her online video.

My model before, I think if I remember right she was 15.

I told her she could smile in the "before" Its not like those ads where they are sad before and then happy

Here is Wendy examining her work, she is a perfectionist,which is why she is so great at what she does.

I think she was caught off guard. So many camera's back stage.

very subtle smoky with browns and taupes.

Finished models waiting for the show to begin.

So the fun part is over and now its time for the post :)

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