Saturday, January 8, 2011

J WOWW's attempt at upscale knockoff

So I missed the MTV New Years Eve Bash where Jersey Shore's Jenni Farley aka J Woww rocked the New Year in with a racy little number but I definitely saw plenty of pictures all over the web of her fashion fopa...

It all made sense when I got my late issue of Elle magazine. Due to my change of address I didn't get the January issue until yesterday, but as soon as I opened it I had an "AH HA" moment. I said "this is what she was trying to do"

Poor thing, she tried but she really missed the mark. I will give her an E for effort, I'm just mad because I think she should have the money to do the look so much better. She did have one good moment when she showed up at a GNC to promote Ab Cuts....

She must have hired a makeup artist for this appearance too. Well I say all this to say every look we see in a magazine is not meant to be worn in real life but more importantly we should consult our friends before we leave the house.

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