Monday, January 31, 2011

SAG Awards Red Carpet Hair Trends

It was so exciting watching the Red Carpet of the 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards tonight. The hair trends really stood out the most to me. One of my favorites was "THE BUN". It was worn every which way you could think of. Neat or textured, wavy or sleek, loosely to the side or high and tight, but almost all had a side part with a side bang. Here are some of my favorite leading ladies sporting there pulled back tresses.

Dianna Agron of "Glee" had a side swept bang with a bun in the back. I thought it looked really nice on her. I'm still not sure about this makeup look on her but that's another story and another blog.

Tina Fey's big side bun and side swept bang looked amazing with her gown and it was so great to see her in some color for a change. Way to go Tina!

The gorgeous Kim Kardashian look so fresh an beautiful in her loose side bun and side bang.

Mad Men's Cara Buono looks really good as a blond and I like the full bang and the loose tendrils hanging around the face.

I fell like I'm saying the same thing about Nicole Kidman at every awards. I don't like the messy hair look. She keeps doing this windblown or just got of bed thing that I just really don't care for.

Jennifer Lawrence went for no bang and a large bun pulled straight back.

Full bang and large side bun are worn well by Ms Ellie Kemper.

Over all I thought it was great award hair, what do you think?

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