Sunday, January 2, 2011

Visioning for 2011

Lots of things to do to get ready for the New Year. Time always seems to go by so fast, but I'm looking forward to 2011. I'm really feeling like its going to be an awesome year with lots of progression in all areas of life. So to help me stay focused on what important I enthusiastically started my Vision Board.

No more new years resolutions for me. From now on I will "Plan my work and work my plan" (with a little thanks to Michael Devellis and Crystal Wright). It worked so well for me last year. It really helped me to gather my thoughts and stay focused throughout the year. I finished the year feeling very accomplished and satisfied. I cant believe no one ever told me about Well that's not completely true. I think some where in life we have all received some great advice or suggestions from friends and family that we have ignored. But they would be proud that I finally got it :)

I'm excited to share my progress with you and invite you to join in. Seems we have quite a few exited on twitter and face book already. I have had several friends call me and tell me they are starting to work on there boards too.

A vision board is nothing but a tool to help you focus on YOU and what make YOU happy . It makes you think about the things you want and think about the process of how to get them. It helps you stay focused so when life throws little curve balls in your path, your vision board is their to remind you whats the purpose for it all. Kinda like a large pictorial "To Do" or "I want To Do" list.

Here are the supplies I started with....

You can use anything. I got magazines, stickers, tape, glue sticks, scissors, tissue paper and poster board. But you can get fabric, stencils, construction paper, or letters. It can be at simple or elaborate ad you would like and as big or as small as you like.

So lets get to work everyone and let me know how your progress is. We have declared this Vision Board Month!!!

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