Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Grown up sounds of JAZZ!

So I see I am transitioning into a more well rounded music enthusiast and I kinda like it. I have always enjoyed different types of music but I really love to watch people play. Doesn't matter what the genre of music is, its all passion that come out there pores as they play.

I recently got to have some great conversation about Jazz with my dad. He was very impressed by what was on my iPod. I am no  Jazz expert but I do know great music when I hear it, feel it, and see it.

Not knowing what I was in store for, I agreed to meet my aunt at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola at the Jazz at Lincoln Center on last Thursday.

It's a very cute spot and I felt so grown up and worldly being there. I was running late so I forgot all about taking pictures. But it looks just like the picture just a little darker. I was excited to see the live bad but again had no idea what to expect. It was amazing. This is an experience almost to great to put in words. I was lucky enough to hear Jazz legend Mr. Randy Weston perform.

It was an amazing experience I will never forget. The band was just as amazing filled with of Jazz greats like Randy Weston, piano; Alex Blake, bass; Neil Clarke, percussion; TK Blue, alto saxophone, flute; Lewis Nash, drums.

The whole time I was their I thought about how my dad would really enjoy being here. I hope I get to share this experience with him soon. Once he's feeling better he is suppose to make a trip to NYC. I made a bet that if he came to NY I would become a Yankee's fan...not sure that's gonna happen but I wont tell him

So please check out Jazz at Lincoln Center I promise you wont be disappointed and maybe even pleasantly surprised.

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