Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New City, New Season, New Hair Cut!!

So most of you have already seen it by now but I still feel like it was only yesterday that I whacked off my I had been talking about doing it for quite a while but it was completely an impulse decision to finally do it a few days before fashion week. I didn't want to see another picture of me with no makeup and my hair pulled back in a pony tail. My sister would always ask me why I was at these great events and looked all I didn't even have a good answer except that I was working and that's not even a good enough excuse, especially now, living here in New York! Everyone is fabulous all the time and everyone that's in fashion is ridiculously stylish and trendy.

Before.....a hot mess!! I tried to smile but I looked so crazy I didn't even want to take the

I gotta figure out how to take decent pictures of, especially with out crap in the

Not sure what was going on here, bad light but I thought the pic was cool anyway.

I think I will get the back cut a little closer since my hair is naturally curly it don't really want to lay flat.

I do like the angle of the cut :)

And even curly I still look pretty hip. It was still a little wet in this picture.

And this is so easy to do, I just have to be careful because it was windy one day and I swear it blew my hair into this big curly
So I think I look a little more like a makeup artist that lives in New York. I think next I might do a little blue :)

What do you think???


  1. new bob haircut is ur style! love it! xxx Tamara

  2. I love it Beth! new city, new attitude! live your life with exhilaration, happy for you girl!

  3. "Just going to stand there and watch me burn..." ~Micahel singing to Bethany's new haircut. HEHE! Love it girl...ooh I even love it curly! xo ~Kat

  4. LMAO!!!!! I so for got he sang that and tossed my hair all around!!! That was hilarious!