Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion Week: Suzanna Rae

As a Make Up For Ever Alliance Team member, I had the pleasure of working with an incredible team of artist lead by the amazing James Vincent for New York Fashion Week. My first show was the Suzanne Rae Collection.

Here are some pics...(not sure why half of the image is cut off at the bottom but it has to do with my phone and picasa...sorry, I'll figure it out. I'm still new at this stuff)

In my shirt ready to work!!!

Still couldn't really believe I was here!

Im set and ready to go....oh wait that's James' One can only wish :)

James' gaves us a demo on this gorgeous model.

Very thourough but still allows us to express our own creativity.

Here's my set up....not too bad. I'm getting there.

I felt so lucky to have such a cute model.

She could take a bad picture if she wanted to.

After instruction we all started working hard.

Orlando Santiago was in his element.

Angelique Velez was working it out!

Stephanie Flor got to work with my girl Zaya from DC! Im so proud of her :)

The hair was really cute too. I had just seen this in a magazine and was so excited to see this technique in person.

Complete Look!!!

My girls complete makeup application, now off to hair....Next!!

I got to snap a few pics during the run thru.

I loved the look!

We even had time for a few of our own photos :) Ahbi Nishman and I happy to see each other and work together again.

I still havent mastered the art of the self portrait but Angelique didnt mind.

 As I was leaving the show I got a copy of the program. I was so excited for James. He designed an amazing look that went perfect with the collection.

I love Fashion Week!!!

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