Friday, July 8, 2011

Ruby Kisses "Real Women Makeover" Contest

Some of you may know that I recently participated in the Ruby Kisses "Real Women Makeover" Challenge held at The Makeup Show NY 2011. This was my first ever makeup competition and I was actually quite nervous. I was especially nervous when I heard that this would be the first ever web series contest to kick off the launching of Ruby Kisses new line of products. I barely like to have my picture taken but a when I heard the words "video camera" I almost changed my mind about I'm not comfortable in front of the camera which still keeps me from making you tube video's but I dont think I did too bad.

I will be doing several post giving detail about the company, pictures from the contest and even videos from the web series that was created for the contest. Here is part 1 of the 6 part web series. Make sure to leave a comment letting me know how you think I did :)

Please check out other videos from Ruby Kisses on
and their website

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