Monday, January 17, 2011

To The Top of the Rock with the Browne's

Hasn't mattered where I have lived I rarely take the time to see the city for all it really has to offer. I'm ashamed to admit I even lived on Oahu for 4 years, never went to the other islands and barely saw the island that I was on. I blame it on being young and not appreciating culture or the opportunity to grow. Well this is the year for big changes. I mean how can you live in New York and not explore. So as much as I hate looking like a tourist I am going to be the biggest tourist you can be.

It was such a wonderful surprise to get a call from my jet setting cousins that were hopping a last minute flight to do some sightseeing in NY. These are the same cousins I went to see get married in Jamaica. That was my first time using my passport. They said they were soliciting my services as their tour guide, which I thought was hilarious since I've only been in New York 6 days longer than they have been But I gladly took them up on it. I figured it was a great opportunity to see the city and to hang out cool people.

I want to give a little history or share what I may have learned during my excursions but I'll never finish a post so you might have to leave a comment or send a question if you have any.

First stop was brunch at this amazing spot in Harlem called Red Rooster. Funny how I was told you needed a reservation to get in but we were seated in about 20 minutes. I think I've been in New York longer than its been open so we felt quite lucky. Food was great. Menu is small but all of the dishes were very good. I had French Toast and Chicken.....perfect. Never had french toast so good.

Next, we hopped on the train to Zabar's which is a huge gourmet food shop with everything you could ever want for anywhere you could possibly thing A bit overwhelming for a novice but everything looked so yummy. I will definitely be making a trip back.

Back on the train to Ground Zero....OMG!!! I was lucky enough to go last year with my mom, sister and brother but this time felt different. I am guessing maybe because I live here now, not sure what it was but I definitely felt some sort of way for a while. I think we all felt something. As typical tourist do we even bought the books from the man on the corner. I'm looking forward to the new Freedom Tower they are building. It looks amazing.

From there we walked up to canal street. It was a good little walk and it was pretty cold too but never to cold for some street meat. Well not really my cousins bought hot dogs, not the meat on the stick which is affectionately known as "street meat". When we finally hit canal street (which I did a good job of navigating to) it was time to shop. Divide and conquer is what we did. I was just the escort my cousins got all the good stuff.

By this time we are hungry but we have one more stop to make,"The Top of the Rock". Caught the train to Rockefeller Center, watched someone propose on the ice skating rink and saw the amazing painting in the lobby of the GE Building. Then it was straight to the top. By this time my phone and camera battery were dead but my fam got plenty of pictures. The view was amazing. It was dark out but the city was lit up so marvelously. You could see everything. I was so glad I had decided to go sightseeing. Absolutely breath taking. So was the wind when it came around the corner a couple times but it was still worth it.

To end our amazing night we walked through Time Square headed to Juniors Cheesecake for dinner. The food was pretty good but my carrot cake cheesecake was to die for.

I had an amazing(my favorite word)time and cant wait for my next adventure. As soon as I get paid I plan to buy what they call a "NYC CITY PASS". Its a discount pass that will let me in to 6 different city attractions for 1 low price. How exciting is that. I'm pumped just thinking about it.

Well until the next outing here are a few pictures from this one.

Hope you Enjoyed! Be sure to let me know.

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